A downloadable game

You've escaped space hell, this is the abyss.
Your raft broke down, but you found a nice wand.
Might as well explore a bit while Bones&Co. does repairs.

Battle against chaotic bullet hell bosses with up to 7 other players!
Find out who did the most damage on the Post-Fight-Podium!

Character customisation;
Colour coordinate your outfit, hair and hat!

Boss editor;
Make your own bosses to expand the Ranks of the Abyss!
Upload them for the world to see!

In-game youtube player notes;

  • You have to accept the cookie collection first;
  • I recommend that you change appearance to dark theme (3 dots top right);
  • During the boss intro you have time to start the video, turn on LOOP (right click) or autoplay;
  • Interact with it the same way you would a website;
  • You can post youtube links in chat to suggest them to other players;
  • The ingame music volume slider doesn't effect the youtube player, you have to change the slider on the player itself.
  • I recommend hiding the cursor in the lower right when playing so you don't interact with it by mistake :)

Check it out on steam! Might release on itch later if there's interest!


Have a good day!


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsBoss battle, boss-editor, Bullet Hell, Multiplayer

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Hey, is there any way for me to edit bosses I've already uploaded/replace the old version? I know it's a bit silly, but I just noticed for "chef man," the specific video I chose is unavailable now, and I'd love to get the song back in there (different link.)

noooooooooooooooooo I missed i

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You are a treasure. I love this. Played for five hours straight with a buddy, then, when he went offline, I went back for more!


Also, now I'm getting into making the bosses--THIS IS SO GREAT oh mahgaahd :D

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omg the real creator of the father in the sky!!

I couldn't beat him so I added a fade in effect for the bullets lol, patch later tonight (probably)

thank you for playing :)

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Haha!! Didn't see this till now, but so fun you tried him out-- also, good addition :D