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What the fuck is with that boss, how do I do it. I love everything so far btw

the goat? Smash into it it hard enough, aim for head/body or really hard legs!

My XboxOne pad don't work :,(

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I'll push a new demo on Friday (Sunday! Sorry), please come back and check again?


xbone controllers should work but I don't have one to test with, so :fingers_crossed: 

Bad new it do not work :(

I know that configure different gamepads on unity is a nightmare

Maybe this link can help you if it's a mapping problem :

Hmm, a friend tested with his wired xbone controller and it worked fine.  Not sure if wireless is any different but it's the only thing I can think of except reinstalling gamepad drivers?

Also yeah unity input is a mess, I'm using rewired and I really like it. Seems to just work.. most of the time?