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really cool game

Fun game, but it could be a bit more forgiving :)

every now and then i come back to perfect park and play for an hour or two because i love this silly physics game. SO excited to come to this page and read about sunny-place. very very eager to play. thank you for making such dope stuff, tjern :]

luv u

how do you do multiplayer?

Just make sure you're all in the same region and it should connect you pretty easily! :)


This is one of, if not the best game I've played on itch. Love the concept and finding new skips in each of the levels, only wish there was more but me and my friends have had a blast with the ones in. Incredible work.


Simple, but addictive and challenging. The physics and controls are extremely fun, while the aesthetic is really nice to look at.


This is my favorite game on itch thank you for making it! (the linux release is hugely appreciated!)


I tried to turn and I literally did a 360 drift


i think the games controlls are way to sensative, because when you want to turn right a little bit, you bassicly rotate your car 180 degrees, plz fix

I cant move forward.

use space bar

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Sounds don't work on linux :(

That's odd, I use linux too.

Are you sure that the volume sliders aren't at 0? lol

Nvm, it just started working for some reason :D

BTW the game is fun as hell, but needs more maps

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how do i play with friends (nvm i got it)

Cute game :)

Thanks for the crazy flying fun!


i made a video with that game. I really enjoyed it.Hope you will enjoy the video too :D


Check out the speedruns, can you beat my times?


nice game! real fun!


I love this game bro, is there going to be more added? I'd love to play more longer maps


Extreme jet-powered car stunt platform game. Each wheel has a thruster, which makes for interesting controls when airborne. Jump and boost through the air, pass through gates and aim for the end of level target. Skills required. A lot of fun!


Strangely addictive! Had a lot of fun with a few friends and even discovered a few shortcuts to finish the races quite fast. More maps would be nice though :'D


This was the most ridiculous fun I have had with my friends in a while.

10/10, would happy honk again

Really happy you enjoyed it :)


This game has no right to be this sick






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tjern this game rules ive been having a lot of fun with it! i think i've become kinda good which is fun!

my only question: what are you meant to do in the perfect park sections? i've got there like 4 times so far and haven't worked out what im meant to do. do i land perfectly on the podium at the end of the short runway? do i just wait? fly? thanks :]


You're supposed to land perfectly on the podium, but I think it's impossible :)

It's basically just a chance for the rest of the players to honk at you when you don't make it :)

oh ok! i can dream ๐Ÿ˜” i also have some more questions now.. i've been using a dualshock controller to play normally but whenever i type in the chat box, the letters i type still do what they would do if i didn't have chat open (so for example if i wrote 'war', i'd go up, left, and rewind, all while the letters still showed up in the box). is that a known bug? someone i was with on the european server also had the same problem..

and second question: a lot of the maps you have videos of playing with people on your twitter seem really cool! are those just custom levels that you've briefly put on the main servers with dev powers, or is there a way to put your own custom levels onto servers? thanks again!

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1; yeah this is a bug, or more like I forgot to disable car input when typing in the chatbox lol.

2; those are old maps that got culled for not being very good. 

re: custom maps. First of, the system is bad (both building maps and submitting). But if you go to build, make a map and hit submit, it emails the level data to me (at least it should do that lol), I can then check it out and if it's fun I'll add it.

This game will probably end up being a part of  another project I'm working on.  If it does I'll definitely rework the mapbuilding, so custom maps made right now will be redundant (except for me stealing ideas from them)  but if you manage to wrangle your  way around building and want to see your mapname + nickname show up to impress friends feel free to submit something :)

I didn't expect the reception to be this positive! Thanks for playing, it really motivates me :)

"You're supposed to land perfectly on the podium, but I think it's impossible"

Oh... ok. I was starting to figure as much, but wasn't sure. Is there anything actually programmed for getting it? Like does a thing pop up saying you got it? Or did you expect it to be so impossible that you never added anything for it?

Oh, and small bug, using the rewind feature in the perfect park is kind of broken. It doesn't seem to clear your rewind history, so you can kind of teleport all over the map based on where you were the previous race. It also allows you to suspend yourself in the air a bit.

The only thing that happens is that you can stall the rest of the server, it only starts a new round when you've fallen down :)

Added rewind issue to the list, thanks!

unable to connect to other racers?

for some reason the game refuses to drop me into lobbies with other players. it was working fine 2 days ago but has cut out on me.

windows7 user, also start and select do nothing for me at the moment


There was an update released yesterday. The multiplayer appears to be tied to the build version, so if you aren't seeing people, try re-downloading the game.



I recommend everyone to checkout the itch app, it's pretty good!

Fun game! Race your friends!

I can confirm that I too couldn't get the ESC menu to show up on Windows 10 64 Bit, and the same issue was experienced with LRFLEW and 1ted59. Hope that it can be fixed!

Should be fixed now! Thanks for playing :)

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oh I think I've made a silly mistake, I'll push something later today lol

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I saw this game on 1Ted59's stream earlier, and ended up playing with him. It really is a blast to play with people on MP.

This isn't a perfect game. It lacks things I would expect, such as a settings menu (eg. to enable/toggle fullscreen), private lobbies (or at least a way to select servers), and an offline mode. Also, I think the gates not resetting when using the rewind feature is a bug. But this is just too much fun playing with friends for that to really matter. Plus, I can't really complain at its price :P

Side note: I noticed there's windows and linux builds available for download. Any interest in making a macOS build? If you need a tester, I could try the game on my mac laptop.

EDIT: Turns out the ESC menu was broken when I played, and msot of what I wanted was already in the game...

there is a settings menu :) 

Settings menu - Start button / Escape

I would like a mac tester, send me a dm @_tjern

thanks for playing!

This was the third game I tried from the BLM bundle, and I heavily enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of it. Try playing with a few of your friends!


thanks for playing :)

For a first version, it's pretty nice.

Maybe adding an instant respawn button would make it less frustrating when falling.


I'm thinking about a rewind thing, thanks for playing! :)