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Drift Space was super fun, I completed it in one sitting (and another to record some gameplay). No way I can manage the car, though. Would love to see it expanded as a multiplayer game without any collision between players, and the early levels I've seen of yours where it's more open looked really cool. Thanks for the game! Song was dope too.

I absolutely *adore* the visuals and the general "aesthetic" (if that makes sense), so awesome job with that. Seriously, it looks incredble.

Gameplay is fun but also quite frustrating. (I played for about 30 minutes, mostly just on the first stage). I think the biggest problem I had was with the "slipperyness" of the controls (I think due to low friction??) - to me it felt like the precision needed to successfully navigate the thin tracks was really hard to achive with the slipperyness of the car. It took me about 7 minutes before I could make the first turn. Ironically, once I figured out how to make the turns, I felt like the straight sections were more annoying since I often came out of the turns at a slightly wrong angle and flew off the course. Maybe you could add in some more stages at the beginning that have much wider tracks to allow the player to experiment more with the controls without losing a bunch?

It's also possible that the problem was less the controls and more about speed. To me, it felt like the music/visuals/aesthetics was telling me to try and go as fast as possible (and the game seems the most fun when you are successfully going really fast) but the best strategy was actually to take it slow(er). I especially felt like this was true in the second course with those spiraly things - it's not clear to me how I'm supposed to make those without slowing down a ton. That may just be me, though - I've never liked playing any sort of racing game slowly and generally never take my finger off the accelerator, so maybe this game is better suited for someone who prefers strategy/technique over speed or something.

(Idk if this matters, but the strategy I ended up using to make turns was to turn my car perpendicular to the track (i.e. facing the center of the curve) as soon as I hit the turn and accelerating until near the end when I turned to face forwards again).

However, the game was still fun! I find myself wanting to pick it up again, despite the frustrations I have with it, and I was slowly improving as I played. It reminded me of Super Meat Boy a bit.

I hope my comments can be of some help, and apologies if any of it is confusing or vague :)

Wow thanks for the detailed comment!

Yes "over"turning and sometimes letting off on the gas finger are important, I want it to be a mix of that and death grip full gas. You figured it out but it didn't sound like the best experience.

Anyway thanks for playing and check in next Friday for more tracks!

I love the style and the madness of it all. I definitely suck at driving the car though, I couldn't do the container space-way race at all. Even if you don't change the handling it would be great to have some easier places to drive.

I wanna see more of the kid in the garage and the powerups and all that too!

I really like this concept and the world you've built. The controls are a bit rough, I wish I had more control over the drifting. I ended up driving around kinda slowly because I wanted to be able to explore without falling off stuff. It sounds like you are approaching this sort of like a SM64 level, just fill it with lots of stuff to collect and interact with which I think is awesome. You've probably played Absolute Drift but, if you haven't, you should check it out.

You've got an easy FOTM game here if you play your cards right. That said I really want a settings menu for keyboard so I can figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do in this game.

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You can rebind the keys, but it really sucks on keyboards cause no analog. Not sure how to fix it. Also there's nothing to do yet, maybe next demo. Thanks for playing!